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Bob Dunham’s “Monstah” Togue

Great catch Bob!

I am writing this in regards to a laker that my close friend caught on Sebago this past Friday afternoon (June 19th).

His name is Bob Dunham and he has been fishing Sebago for many years with great success in numbers but the “big one” has eluded him until Friday.

Bob is one of those guys that will take just about anyone out togue fishing just to give them the experience of catching them. I have spent many days fishing with him, and can honestly say I don’t know of anyone that deserves the “big one” more than Bob.

Bob is a great family man and sportsman, it would be an incredible gift to see too his picture in The Maine Sportsman.

Here is the “monstah”…..36” long and weighed a little over 19 pounds.

Thanks for your time,

Glen Gisel

About Alexander Theberge

Alex is the former creative director of The Maine Sportsman. An avid fisherman and professional photographer he enjoys everything about the outdoors.

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