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The Maine Sportsman August Issue

August, 2015 Issue of The Maine Sportsman – Saltwater Fishing and a Whole Lot More!

We wait a long time for summer in Maine, so when it finally comes around, The Maine Sportsman’s writers will tell you how to enjoy our state’s woods and waters to the fullest.

Denise Crandall graces our cover, holding up a nice striped bass. Denise was guided to this big fish at the mouth of the Kennebec River by our own “Saltwater” columnist, Barry Gibson.

The ocean theme continues inside the issue’s pages:

Readers communicate on a daily basis with the Sportsman these days, and we devote 2-1/2 pages in the August issue to reprint the best “Letters to the Editor” received in the past 31 days. Keep it up, telling us what’s on your mind and what you are enjoying in each issue.

Next month, we’ll print your reactions to our lighthearted proposal on the August editorial page to name Greenville as Maine’s new state capital, replacing the City of Augusta. If you’ve been to Greenville in either the summer or the winter lately, we think you’ll agree – for a town of only 1,600 residents, they’ve really got it all going on, especially in their enthusiastic welcoming and accommodating of ATVers, fishermen and snowmobilers.

Inside the August issue is more of the solid information hunters and fishermen have been relying on for more than 40 years – moose-hunting features by Steve Vose and Mark Cote; bear-hunting adventures from young hunters Alyssa Sansoucy (age 12) and Colton Trisch (age 10); and Marc Turgeon’s “Rehabbing a Gun-shy Dog,” telling how to help a young canine overcome the trauma of being exposed to the sights and sounds of an extended fireworks display at a municipal 4th of July celebration.

Our “Miss Maine Sportsman Finalist” series continues this month, with a focus on Emily Parker, who is an archery and shotgun instructor and is pursuing a career in law enforcement this summer with a stint with the Old Orchard Beach Police Department.

In “Shooter’s Bench,” Col. J.C. Allard, who is celebrating his 10th anniversary as our firearms columnist, introduces readers to the Stevens Model 555 over/under shotgun. Bill Graves covers topwater fishing in Aroostook County. Newcomer Ethan Emerson tells how to get to scenic, spectacular and sometimes dangerous waterfalls in his home state of New Hampshire. William Clunie shares outdoor wisdom learned while guiding in the Rangeley and Western Mountains regions, and King Montgomery continues his run of outstanding columns and color photographs with this month’s offering, “Match the Hatch for Black Bass.”

Add a touch of politics (George Smith) and humor (“Smilin’ Sportsman,” including outstanding submissions from young readers), and you’ve got great summer reading.

We appreciate the support of advertisers who have reached tens of thousands of readers through our pages, from L.L.Bean, Cabela’s and the Kittery Trading Post, to L.L.Cote (Errol, New Hampshire), Eagle Claw hooks (Denver, Colorado) and Sépaq (Anticosti Island, Quebec).

Thanks to readers and advertisers for staying with us for 40 years. We look forward to serving your hunting and fishing informational needs for another 40 years, through our print magazine, our online version, an active Facebook presence and more! Go to or call (207) 622-4242 for details.

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