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The May 2017 Issue of The Maine Sportsman

The Early Riser Gets the Turkey, and Other Tales from Maine’s Woods, Fields and Waters

          In the outstanding photo on the cover of the May, 2017 issue of The Maine Sportsman, the sun is just peeking up over the horizon, but Nick Bragg of Oakland already has his turkey decoys packed and a huge tom slung over his shoulder. April 29th is Youth Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Day, and May 1st marks opening day for much of Maine – although in the split season in Wildlife Management Districts 1 – 6, those hunters born in “even” years (e.g., 1962, 1964, 1966) must wait until May 8 for their first wild turkey hunt.
          Inside the issue, the turkey theme continues, as Retired US Army Col. Paul Violette describes a challenging but ultimately successful turkey hunt sponsored by the “House in the Woods Foundation.” The hunts are for the benefit of military veterans, and are guided by veterans.
          Joe Saltalamachia details the deadly effective (and somewhat risky) practice of “fanning” turkeys, in which hunters use real tail feathers to make themselves into living decoys. Joe’s conclusion? – it works, but it’s critical to know that you are the only hunter in the area.
          And our Young Maine Sportswoman, Alyssa Sansoucy, reveals the scouting, calling and decoy secrets that resulted in her taking two tom turkeys last season – one on Youth Day, and the second on Opening Day of the regular season.
          May is also about fishing, and King Montgomery leads off with a tribute to the living legend, Lefty Kreh – guide, author and world-famous fly fishing authority. Bill Graves covers ice-out trolling in “The County,” and in their fishing columns, William Clunie and Tom Seymour weigh in on successfully stalking brook trout.
          Kate Krukowski Gooding says if you don’t like the taste of lake trout, then you haven’t tried her recipes! Lake Trout Chowder is featured in “Kate’s Wild Kitchen,” and by the time the Sportsman’s editors were done reviewing the ingredient list (including bacon, onion, sweet potato and thyme), we were all hungry for togue!
          The May issue has special sections and surprises aplenty, including a submission from fishing historian Bill Pierce on Fly Rod Crosby, found in theAlmanac; a “sidearm for bear” piece from provocateur Bob Mallard; an article describing the challenges of early-season ATV riding, by Shane Brown of Bangor Motorsports; a bluefin tuna adventure from new writer Ben Holloway; and a guest appearance by Alan Haley in our “Danger in the Outdoors” column – a breathtaking piece titled “Foolhardiness and Courage on Brassua Lake’s Thin Ice” … a true story that will leave you chilled to the bone.
          The Maine outdoors comes alive this month, so get out there and get your turkey (or, in much of Maine, your two turkeys!); apply for your moose permit online (http://www.maine.gov/online/moose/) before the May 15 deadline; get on the water to troll or cast for brookies or landlocks; and enjoy the start of summer!
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