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Alex is the former creative director of The Maine Sportsman. An avid fisherman and professional photographer he enjoys everything about the outdoors.

The Month in Maine – January

This Month Ice fishing and snowmobiling highlight Maine’s outdoor activities in January, as the ice thickness on many northern lakes and ponds becomes safe enough for travel except over running water and near underwater springs. The hard work of the snowmobile club members this summer and fall repairing bridges and ...

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The Month in Maine – December

This Month The -ber Months Mean Hunting In Maine, the -ber months are ending Dec. 31 – the four annual months that hold the majority of the hunting seasons in this state. Sure, we can hunt something in most months, crows, woodchucks and coyotes, but from September to December, most ...

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The Month in Maine – November

This Month It’s Deer Month All Right It’s deer month all right, but waterfowl hunters might argue the point. Deer hunters might outnumber duck hunters about 15 or 20 to one, but waterfowlers love the second season, when marshes prove empty of other hunters hogging blinds or floating meandering streams ...

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