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The Month in Maine – October

This Month Ruffed Grouse Win Number Two Deer rank by far as Maine’s number-one targeted game animal in November, but ruffed grouse win second place in October. Ducks, bowhunting for deer and small game attract 10,000 to 15,000 hunters each, depending on the year, but grouse hunters number upwards to ...

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The Month in Maine – September

This Month Maine Has Changed for Baby Boomers During their youth, baby boomers remember when September passed as a sleepy month with a little shooting, particularly deer rifles, but a handful of folks busted clay targets. The smoothbore crowd was just as apt to blast empty beer cans, though. If ...

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The Month in Maine – August

This Month Down Outdoor Month … Or Is It? August seems like a down month for anglers. Salmonid action has slowed considerably unless weather and angling skills offer grand sport; stripers and blues move away from shore into the deeper ocean; black-bass excitement continues for folks good at fishing jigs ...

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The Month in Maine – July

This Month Salmonid Fishing Slows; Salty Angling Picks Up As the year slides into July, trout and salmon fishing slows considerably for many anglers. Folks who know good spots and have bottom-dredging skills still do well, but it isn’t late May or early June anymore. Angling can slow a little now. ...

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The Month in Maine – June

This Month June – a Hopping Month June reigns as a hopping month in the Maine outdoors. In the North Country, consistent, aquatic-insect hatches keep folks covering rises, river action produces big trout and salmon, and brooks offer fast fishing for brookies and even browns, the latter far more prevalent ...

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The Month in Maine – May

This Month We See Two Angling Maines in May! In Maine’s bottom quarter to bottom third, May produces consistent caddis and mayfly hatches in rivers, ponds and streams. Lakes and brooks also give up salmonids, too, but trout fishing and insect hatches are more prevalent in the first three waters. ...

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