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Maine’s Record Fish and Game
As of 11/15/17


Game Records

Whitetailed Buck (Firearms): 355 lbs., field dressed, Horace Hinckley, Augusta, ME, 1955, Concord

Whitetailed Buck (Bowhunting): 267 lbs., field dressed, 6 points, John P. Berry, E. Waterboro Maine, 10/14/13, Waterboro

Whitetailed Doe (Firearms): 185 lbs., field dressed, Luke Arsenault, Lisbon Falls, ME, 11/1/92, Seboomook Township

Whitetailed Doe (Firearms): 185 lbs., field dressed, Steve Letourneau, Turner, ME, 11/11/04, Lower Enchanted Township

Whitetailed Doe (Bowhunting): 172.2 lbs., field dressed, Shawn MacFarlane, Dixfield, ME, 10/18/12 in Dixfield

Whitetailed Doe (Antlered): 210 lbs., eight-points, Jack Cross, Bethel, ME, 11/15/80, Bethel

Black Bear (Firearms): 699 lbs., Matt Knox, Waynesboro PA, Guided by Grand Slam Guide Service, Greenville 9/7/12

Black Bear (Archery): 540 lbs., field dressed, Justin Cook, South China, ME, 08/25/14, New Sharon

Black Bear (Sow): 334.5 lbs., field dressed, (estimated 384.8 lbs., whole) Tom Sullivan, Portland, Conn., August 28, 2006, Mapleton

Black Bear (Sow): 355.5 lbs., whole weight, (estimated 303.2 lbs., dressed) Mary Lepley, Charlestown, WV, Augusta 27, 2014, Shirley

Black Bear (Sow – Archery) 328 pounds, Kyle Stokes, Annville, PA, 8/29/2007, St. Agatha.

Black Bear (Crossbow): 432.2 pounds, Marc Caplan, Ornville, Sept. 2, 2010, Ornville.

Moose (Bull) 1,330 lbs., field dressed, Willard & Sterling Waterman, New Gloucester, ME, 1982, Marsardis.

Moose (Bull-Archery) 1,040 lbs., Craig Warren, New Gloucester, ME, 9/30/2009, Allagash.

Moose, cow: 885 lbs., William J. Kibe, Elliottsburg PA, Oct. 13 2001, Misery Twp., Zone 8, Guided by Bob Lawrence of Rockwood.

Turkey: 27 lbs. 12 oz., Sarah Levangie, Belfast, ME, 4/28/03, Waldo County.

Turkey (Bow): 25 lbs., Chris Nadeau, Wells, ME, 5/1/07, Wells Falls

Freshwater Fish Records

Atlantic Salmon: 28 lbs. 1 oz., Howard Clifford, Portland, ME, 10/9/80, location undisclosed

Black Crappie: 3 pounds, 9.76 ounces, Quinn Warren, Messalonskee Lake, February 2012

Blueback Trout: 5.24 lbs., Carter McLaughlin, Mapleton, August 20, 2008., Pushineer Pond

Brook Trout: 9-pounds 2-ounces, Patrick Coan, Waterboro, Maine, 1/8/10, Mousam Lake.

Brown Trout: 23 1/2 lbs., Robert Hodsdon, Sanford, ME, 3/6/96, Square Pond

White Catfish: 6.69 lbs., Danny Shores, Albion, ME, 7/7/15

Common Carp: 16.3 lbs., Samuel Foster, Augusta, ME 9/14, Kennebec River

Cusk: 18 lbs. 8 oz., Annette Dumond, Fort Kent, ME, 3/15/86, Eagle Lake

Fallfish: 3 lbs. 12 oz., Wayne S. Morey, Benton, ME, 9/12/86, Sibley Pond

Lake Trout: 31 lbs. 8 oz., Hollis Grindle, Ellsworth, ME, 1958, Beech Hill Pond

Landlocked Salmon: 22 lbs. 8 oz., Edward Blakely, Darien, CT, 1907, Sebago Lake

Largemouth Bass: 11 lbs. 10 oz., Robert Kamp, Denmark, ME, 1968, Moose Pond

Muskellunge: 33 lbs. , Onezime Dufour, Madawaska, ME, 5/15/2010, St. John River

Northern Pike: 31.2 lbs., Lance Bolduc, Skowhegan, ME, 3/25/98, North Pond

Pickerel: 7 lbs. 02 oz., Josh Gagnon, Lebanon, ME, 3/10/07, Balch Lake

Pumpkinseed Sunfish: 11.5 oz., Elliot Bouchard, Buxton, ME, 8/21/17, Location Undisclosed

Rainbow Trout: 13 lbs. 9 0z., Timothy Kelley, Conway, AR. 6/4/16, Quarry Pond

Smallmouth Bass: 8 lbs., George Dyer, Augusta, ME, 1970, Thompson Lake

Splake: 10 lbs. 3 oz., Daniel R. Paquette, Augusta, ME, 5/8/93, Basin Pond

Walleye: 5,7-pounds, Nathan Lawler, Portland, Me, 8/1/09, Messalonskee Lake

White Perch: 3.48-pounds, Jeffery Curtis, Unity, ME, 1/23/16, Undisclosed location.

Whitefish: 7 lbs. 8 oz., Neil Sullivan, Worcester, MA, 1958, Sebago Lake

Yellow Perch: 1.88 lbs., Daniel W. Baty, Round Pond, ME, 3/26/17, Damariscotta Lake

Salt Water Fish Records

Bass, Striped (Morone Saxatilis), Rod and Reel: 67 lbs., Sheepscot River, Douglas Dodge, 9/20/78

Bluefish (Pomatomus Saltatrix), Rod and Reel: 19.68 lbs., Boothbay Harbor, Denis Moran, 8/8/94

Cod, Atlantic, (Gadus Morhua), Rod and Reel: 80 lbs. 7 oz., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Neil Downey, 9/8/92

Cusk (Brosme Brosme), Rod and Reel: 30 lbs. 1 oz., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Neil Morrill, 7/2/88

Flounder, Winter (Pleuronectes Americanus), Rod and Reel: 4 lbs. 3 oz., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Lisa Boughner, 6/28/89

Goosefish, (Lophius Americanus), Rod and Reel: 49 lbs. 12 oz., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Nancy Lee Regimbald, 7/9/91

Haddock (Melanogrammus Aeglefinus), Rod and Reel: 11 lbs. 11 oz., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, James Mailea, 9/12/91

Hake, Silver (Merluccius Bilinearis), Rod and Reel: 4.51 lbs., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Erik M. Callahan, 8/8/95

Hake, White (Urophycis Tenuis), Rod and Reel: 46 lbs. 4 oz., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, John Audet, 10/26/ 86

Halibut, Atlantic (Hippoglossus Hippoglossus), Rod and Reel: 215 lbs., Bailey’s Island, Richard F. Hincman, 8/14/65

Mackerel, Atlantic (Scomber Scombrus), Rod and Reel: 2.44 lbs., Bailey’s Island, Ian T. Bexton, 7/25/95

Pollock (Pollachius Virens), Rod and Reel: 46 lbs. 10.9 oz., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Linda Paul, 10/24/90

Ray, Torpedo (Torpedo Nobiliana), Rod and Reel: 35 lbs. 5 oz., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Don Carignan, 8/24/95

Shark, Blue (Prionace Glauca), Fly Rod: 101 lbs., Bath, Fred C. Danforth, 8/30/96

Shark, Blue (Prionace Glauca), Rod and Reel: 391 lbs., Portland, Ken Putnam, 8/9/89

Shark, Mako (Isurus Oxyrinchus), Handline: 724 lbs., Portland, Mark Chase, 8/15/92

Shark, Mako (Isurus Oxyrinchus), Rod and Reel: 680 lbs., Jim Hinkley, Jr., 8/15/90

Shark, Porbeagle (Lamna Nasus), Rod and Reel: 548 lbs., Bailey’s Island, Wesley Hurst, Jr., 7/22/95

Shark, Thresher, Rod and Reel: 425 lbs., Boothbay Harbor, John H. Shostak, 7/14/98

Tuna, Bluefin (Thunnus Thynnus), Harpoon: 1,155 lbs., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Tim Tower and Percy Stevens, Jr., 8/20/81

Tuna, Bluefin (Thunnus Thynnus), Rod and Reel: 819 lbs., Bath, Jerry Jamison, 8/10/77

Wolffish, Atlantic (Anarhichas Lupus), Rod and Reel: 30 lbs., Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Gunther Schulz, 8/21/90

Note:  If you know of a verifiable fish or game record larger than those listed here, or for a species not listed here, please send the information to: The Maine Sportsman, 183 State Street, Suite 101, Augusta, Maine  04330
Email:  kelly@mainesportsman.com