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Coyote Vs. Mountain Lion

mountain lion vs coyote

In this video the person exclaims that it’s a bobcat. It looks a lot more like a mountain lion to me. How a  coyote ended up with the snout of a mountain lion in his jaws is currently a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is what would have happened if ...

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The Month in Maine – June

This Month June – a Hopping Month June reigns as a hopping month in the Maine outdoors. In the North Country, consistent, aquatic-insect hatches keep folks covering rises, river action produces big trout and salmon, and brooks offer fast fishing for brookies and even browns, the latter far more prevalent ...

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The Month in Maine – December

This Month Dark December Creates Festive Mood For this writer during the dark, festive month, a perfect December day goes like this: After arise at the break of dawn or earlier, I work until late morning or early afternoon, head outdoors for sport and exercise that may include muzzle-loading for ...

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The Month in Maine – November

This Month Did Someone Say “Deer?!” November in Maine is deer month. No one can miss that fact. When I was a kid, growing up in Windsor, east of Augusta, my father would run into a friend at Hussey’s General Store or on an Augusta street, and neither said, “Hello.” ...

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This Month in Maine – October

This Month So Much Going On, So Little Time to Experience It All What can Maine’s sports folks do this month? What can’t we do? Upland bird hunters chase grouse, woodcock, pheasant and quail, and hunting starts for ducks and geese. Waterfowl hunters probably make up a low, 5-figure number, ...

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