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The Month in Maine – April

This Month Snow and Ice – and Soon Green! By the time April Fool’s Day arrives in the bottom third of Maine, temperatures have risen a little warmer than most winter days, but ice still covers ponds and lakes and snow stands deep on the north side of ridges under ...

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The month in Maine – March

This Month March May Be the Muddy Month…. March may be the muddy month in the bottom third of the state, but on some days, spring’s smells, sounds and sights intoxicate us, while offering visions of new greens and open water, lying just around the corner. In southern and central ...

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This Month in Maine – July 2013

Turkey hunting and salmonid angling have passed with a feverish display of activity back in May and into June, but by early summer, folks “think” that they settle into a slower routine and spend more time with the family. And it does work that way to a certain extent.

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