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The Month in Maine – December

This Month The -ber Months Mean Hunting In Maine, the -ber months are ending Dec. 31 – the four annual months that hold the majority of the hunting seasons in this state. Sure, we can hunt something in most months, crows, woodchucks and coyotes, but from September to December, most ...

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The Month in Maine – April

This Month Snow and Ice – and Soon Green! By the time April Fool’s Day arrives in the bottom third of Maine, temperatures have risen a little warmer than most winter days, but ice still covers ponds and lakes and snow stands deep on the north side of ridges under ...

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This Month in Maine – September 2013

September a Delightful Month September has everything to recommend it. The month begins with warm days that turn cooler and cooler as the month rushes toward the 30th. Bear hunting excites folks. The actual number of bruin hunters is small compared to deer-chasers in the regular firearms season, but bear ...

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